Passive Aggressive Mowing

Our nearest neighbors mowed 1/4 to 1/5 of the prairie.  I am so upset that I had to come inside (because apparently I was standing out there yelling motherf*cker really loud in the direction of their house).  They also took out a stand of buffalo grass that was seeding beautifully in another area.

Mr. Hilltop is helping me look over the surveyor’s report, and I guess I’ll be putting up stakes and rocks tomorrow. 

I’m too sad to even take pictures of the destruction at this point. 


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6 Responses to Passive Aggressive Mowing

  1. denisedthornton says:

    They are totally misguided, but they are your neighbors. We share a border with a farmer who makes me very sad as well. He is following all the official agribusiness line and doing regular damage.
    But he is my neighbor – perhaps for the rest of our lives, and the best possible relationship is the only hope of ever getting them to consider more mindful options. If they are offended by you as well as in a different camp, you’ll never get them to budge. If they think you are a little crazy but a good neighbor, they will be more open to coming around in time.
    Wendall Berry says: “You can describe the predicament that we’re in as an emergency, and your trial is to learn to be patient in an emergency.” -Wendell Berry
    see the whole article here

    • Denise: Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. You are right. I have calmed down now and am ready and “willing to do a little bit at a time” as Mr. Berry said. Thanks for reminding me about him! Have pulled my Wendell Berry books off the shelf, blown off the dust, and am rereading. And I’m also considering how hard this is going to be for people who don’t consider native grasses pretty. Patience. Kindness. No more yelling bad words. (Fortunately they weren’t home!)

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  3. hungryholler says:

    Well hell. I love the mind picture of you standing in your nascent prairie righteously yelling “muthaf@*ker!” They weren’t home. Even if they were, they couldn’t hear you….it’s good for an earthy soul to have a primal moment.

  4. God bless your gourded heart HungryHoller. Next time you’re up this way, come cuss with me.

    • hungryholler says:

      It would be nice to have a cuss-in; but rest assured when you cuss on the prairie, I cuss with you. Peace on the prairie except when the situation warrants ranting.

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