Eye of the Beholder

What our neighbors see …

Our nearest neighbors have a "great" view in to the back prairie, which is next to their mown lot.

Everyone has different tastes, and theirs leans towards mono-culture. They like neatly trimmed grass that behaves itself. 

The difference in preference is very clear. Left side: Mown and tidy. Right side: Those crazy, no-mow people.

I’m afraid it’s going to be a long summer for our smiling, waving neighbors.

They're so nice, but I'm afraid we're going to test our neighbors' patience.

Maybe they’ll eventually come to understand how we see it?

Instead of weeds, I see beautiful potato dandelions (Krigia dandelion) that don't transplant well and are difficult to grow*. Yet, here they pop up with ease after we stopped mowing. *Source: KSwildflower.org

 And maybe they won’t hate us for not mowing?

Instead of an untidy lot, I see more grasses to identify and a batch of geranium-ish looking wildflowers ... fingers crossed they're natives!

Next time … managing the mayhem with selected plantings.

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3 Responses to Eye of the Beholder

  1. denisedthornton says:

    You are on the right track. Hopefully your neighbor will learn from your example.

    • Thanks Denise! I’m hoping for now that they don’t completely hate us. Having them embrace the non-mow, native prairie that’s already there would be a dream, wouldn’t it?!

  2. denisedthornton says:

    It would be a dream come true for all our at risk pollinators.

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