Happy New Year everyone!

We had guests, food, laughter and wonderful weather here at Hilltop over the holidays. The unusually warm days let the younger visitors comfortably explore the outdoors.

The less young among us were in short sleeves (Mr. Hilltop in his usual shorts), and some even enjoyed an adult beverage (or two) outside on the porch — which is unheard of this time of year. I’m afraid we’ll pay with another hot, dry summer, but we played in the fresh outdoors, faces turned to the sun like budding morning glories. 

Youngsters running around Hilltop was the best part of ringing in 2012.

The “city kids” were a little frightened at first to find a snake skin. But when they figured out it had been vacated by its creepy crawler, they quickly found a stick — not quite brave enough to actually touch it — to carry it to the house to show off.

Almost intact, this snake skin was a prized find by our younger guests. You can see the head at the top right and the tail is just below.

What was last season’s coat for a friendly neighborhood snake is going to be show-and-tell for a kindergartner in a big Midwestern city. Let me just apologize right now to the teacher — whoever you may be — for the squeals and mayhem it will cause, but it makes me smile.

Next time — Back to prairie business! Must we water in January?!

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2 Responses to Happy New Year everyone!

  1. Rich says:

    Happy 2012, Shanley!

  2. Thanks Rich. Happy Ought-twelve to you, too!

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