Sh*t berries — we’re comin’ for you!

They look pretty, don’t they? Especially this time of year when everything else is crunchy and brown. But don’t be fooled! It’s not Christmas holly. At Hilltop House, we call them “sh*t berries,” because when you see them taking over, you say … well, you know. Bad words. Lots of very bad words.

The bush honeysuckle was brought to the US from Asia in the 1800s for erosion control and landscaping. Nice going, 19th Century people. You have ruined my Saturdays and Sundays for years to come.

The bright red berries sparkle in the sunlight … a come hither to birds everywhere. They gobble them greedily, then poop them out across the midwest.

The birds eat 'em, but these berries are the Taco Bell of the bird world. No nutritional value*, so they keep coming back for more. Binge, poop, hit the drive-thru. It's always open. ( * So say experts)

These things send out suckers like crazy, causing an invasion ….

We don't live in the Show Me State, but it was comforting to stumble across this booklet from the Missouri Department of Conservation. (Thanks to a brother-in-law who lives there.)

Above booklet is available online at Missouri’s invasive plant management site.

So, we confirmed our suspicions that we are truly being invaded. Should be we worried that Missouri’s bushy villian is now firmly established in north central Oklahoma? And how many people out there naively think it’s just a “purty holly bush?”

Next time:  Axes, shovels and lots of cussing are effective tools for invasives removal

Resource:  Missouri Department of Conservation Invasive Plant Management 

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3 Responses to Sh*t berries — we’re comin’ for you!

  1. denisedthornton says:

    They do look pretty, but they are also easy to spot.
    We tend to go after them in early spring when the ground has thawed and pull them out by the roots. I learned how to do that volunteering at the UW-Arboretum, where I got to operate an amazing tool called the weed wrench. It gives you the power of the lever and turns you into a very strong person. I loved it so much that we have bought one and use it on our land.
    Here is the website of the maker
    When you pull out an invasive plant taller than you with a 2″ trunk using your own strength — that feels good!

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