Box ‘o plants

This is the first time I’ve ever ordered live plants by mail, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to work. When looking for prairie and drought-tolerant plants a while back, I stumbled across High Country Gardens online. They have a great catalog (current copy is on my nightstand, all marked up with dog-eared pages and wishful highlighter marks).

Sixteen plants came in a neatly packed box from High Country Gardens.

I was surprised how neatly and efficiently packaged everything was, all in one tidy little box. Not sure what I was expecting, but I guess I imagined a ginormous box with lots of bubble wrap.

Here you can see the indian and switch grasses all nestled together for the journey by mail from New Mexico.

Each plant was enclosed in a little clear plastic bag. Each had a label, and the dormant plants were labeled with a yellow tag saying “I’m a dormant plant. Please see the planting guide.”  Even though the Prairie Husband kicked the box from the porch through the front door and down the hall (his hands were full and didn’t know what treasures that box contained) … everyone remained securely in place. No damage or injury (to the PH). The plants were okay too!

Two lead plants (the tall ones) and dropseed grass (the shortie in the middle) ready for their new homes in Oklahoma.

It was probably two to three days from arrival at Hilltop House before I could plant. The baggies kept the plantlings happily moist while they waited for placement.

Oh, and did I mention that the folks at High Country were great?! They quickly responded to my questions by email. Not to mention the end-of-season sale — all the plants I ordered were 50% off! Yippee! I’m definitely ordering from them again.

Next: Plants, Welcome to the Prairie Square!

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2 Responses to Box ‘o plants

  1. Kristie Centurion says:

    So Shan……when you’ve finished up over there at the hilltop house…. Feel free to wander over my way!!!

    • Why sure! Of course, they say it takes about five years to really establish prairie … not to mention the burning and the bison (got any bison we can borrow over there at your house?) … and the fact that we have no clue what we’re doing. Other than all that — we’ll be right over! Just make sure you know your property line, so we don’t end up working in Delvin’s yard. 😉

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