Who’s been digging in my square?

This weekend, we awoke to artfully placed mounds dotting The Square (future home of the Hilltop Prairie). Seems like others may have heard of our plans and decided to get in on the real estate before the boom. (Click on photo for a nice large view.)

Don't make mountains out of holemills (a little humor for all you fans of RHoNYC)

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4 Responses to Who’s been digging in my square?

  1. Amy says:

    So, how do you “encourage” them to vacate?

  2. S.L. Dickey says:

    Are you sure they are moles? Could it be prairie dogs? The mound looks a little big for a mole, but perhaps prairie moles are a BIGGER breed!

    • Sandy: Good eye! Since the post, we’ve learned these are definitely not moles … a neighbor suggested gophers. I need to research the difference between gophers and prairie dogs. These mounds are not as big as the prairie dog village out by Kaw Lake (remember that?!) … and aren’t p.dogs protected? Must. Research.

      We do have moles because the dogs have found two dead ones (over the past 3-4 years). They look like strange little amphibious-type creatures from outer space, but we’ve learned they don’t make the big mounds.

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